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Related article: the wind. If more money cannot be col- lected in many hunts, the several establishments will have to be maintained on a less lavish scale and more set aside for payment to occupiers of land. Within the last five-and-twenty years poultry and damage funds have had more and more demands upon them and there is no reason to suppose that they have ac present reached tbeir highest limit. Gentlemen, there- fore, who, like Major de Freville s critics at Cotswold, demand that hunts should be kept up in better style, will have to remember that any such suggestions mean, as the Major pointed out, a material addition to the subscription handed over to the master. In Mr. Meynell's time the Quorn huntsman had one horse a day, and even in succeeding masterships it was on some oc- casions only that he had the luxury of a second ; one horse only is used by the huntsman of some hounds to-day, and it may well be that failing to collect enough money to satisfy all re- quirements, some similar economy may have to be resorted to again, and when one horse has done a reasonable amount of work the day's sport will come to an end. W. C. A. B. Sensational Ballooning. The melancholy catastrophe which is reported to have overtaken Herr Andr6e and his companions in their foolhardy attempt to Unisom 2 Canada reach the North Pole recalls to my recollection a mania for sen- sational ballooning Unisom Coupon with which Paris was seized in 1850, together with an aerial adventure in which I most unexpectedly took part during the same period. Many of the present generation, perhaps, never heard of Lieutenant Gale, the well-known English aeronaut, or of Monsieur Poitevin, his Unisom Gel Caps famous French rival, both of whom came to an untimely end like poor Mr. Walter Powell and many others in the following of their dangerous pursuit. Poitevin astonished the world with some of the most surprising ascents ever known in the history of aerosta- tion. Residing in Paris at the 1899] SENSATIONAL BALLOONING. 211 time, I was Unisom Generic Unisom Uk an eye-witness of those I am about to describe. The earlier Unisom 100mg ones took place at the old Hippodrome, which was situ- ated outside the Barriere de l*Etoile, near the Arc deTriomphe, and the later ones from the Champ de Mars. From the Hippodrome Poitevin ascended on a donkey in jockey costume, and on an ostrich Unisom 50mg habited as an Arab. The ostrich was encased in a coat of leather network harness, provided with stirrups, but owing to his head being at liberty he soon became so very fractious as the balloon' rose from the ground that every- body expected to see the big fellow " unship his jockey." M. Poitevin managed, however, to retain Unisom Sleep Tablets his seat until be had risen to a considerable height, when he ascended the rope ladder attached to the car of the balloon, and waving his bernouse, was soon lost to sight. Compared with the denizen of the Desert, the •* Jerusalem p>ony," on which he made his ascent on horseback, was, in hunting parlance^ a very "safe conveyance," as the poor beast was utterly helpless and unable to stir when once off his legs. In addition to saddle and bridle, his " trappings " consisted of a can- vas hammock, which extended the entire length of his body, and as the balloon slowly rose the effect was most extraordinary. The donkey's legs hung motion- less, and for the moment it seemed as if his body would be dragged clean out of his frame. It was anything but a pleasant sight, if devoid of cruelty; and Poitevin, who was attached by a stout rope beneath his arms to the car, seldom remained more than a few minutes on horseback. It is a most extraordinary circum- stance in connection with all his numerous ascents that none of the many accidents invariably as- sociated therewith ever met with a contretemps in descending. Poi- tevin next ascended on a grey pony from the Champ de Mars, and afterwards in a horse and gig. Then he and his wife went for an aerial drive together in a mail phaeton and pair; and the sen- sational series terminated with the solitary ascent of Madame Poitevin, as Generic Unisom Europa, on a Buy Unisom Online bull, habited in classical mythological costume, which displayed her fine figure to great advantage. On that occasion her Unisom Australia husband occu- pied a place in the car of the Unisom Sleeping Tablets balloon, to which she eventually scrambled up the rope ladder ! Each ascent was witnessed by enormous crowds, and on one occasion — the Taking Two Unisom mail phaeton one — Louis Napoleon, then President of the Republic, was present. If Lieutenant Gale's What Is In Unisom ascents partook less of the sensational, they were none the less Unisom In Canada fool- hardy. Attached to the car of his balloon was a rope ladder fifty yards long, down which he descended, and fired off bombs, Bengal lights, and other fireworks. The effect as seen from below in the summer twilight was surpris- ingly beautiful ; and on one Unisom Price occasion it was my fate, if not good fortune, to witness the dis- play from a much more exalted sphere than I ever bargained for. The experiment was first tried with a captive balloon, of whose car I made one of the occupants with Prince Achille Murat and Sir Robert Clifton, who lived in Paris at the time. On attaining the requisite height Lieutenant Gale, who always sported his British Naval uniform, disap- peared through an opening in the centre of the car, and descending the rope ladder, discharged his fireworks. The pyrotechnic dis- Where To Buy Unisom play created such delightful 212 BAILY S MAGAZINE. [March suq)rise amongst the occupants of the crowded Hippodrome that the two men in charge of the windlass let go the crank handles to join in the general enthusiasm, when, to everybody's astonish- Unisom Canada